My best guess is that between the cals saved on the bread choice, and those added via the use of olive oil to cook, the turkey pepperoni (25) and the cheese, the calorie count might come up to 350-ish. Thank you for the recipe! It's time to load up on avocado, crunchy toast, and hard-boiled eggs for a filling breakfast that tastes great! My go to breakfast, I just love it and low in points! Classic. If so, how long do you keep it covered? if you only use half the avo, leave the pit in the other half and tightly wrap it with plastic wrap and store in the fridge. So good!! I would have never thought to combine these. My husband and I ate this for dinner last night, holy delicious-ness!!! This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. I highly recommend it, and look forward to having it again tomorrow morning. On a side note I learned new technique for preparing my hard boiled eggs….by steaming! The bread is filling–somewhat chewy, not being made of flour–and has good flavor when toasted, as Vivian noted in her comment. Do the same with the next egg, them simmer 3 minutes. bunch small multicolored radishes, thinly sliced, Chopped fresh chives and sesame seeds, for serving, The Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts to Buy, A Definitive List of All the Best Christmas Movies, 16 Virtual Gift Ideas You Can Send From Afar, Stay Organized in 2021 With These Cute Planners. Then we topped it off with the perfect hard-boiled egg, thinly sliced radishes for a springy touch, and a sprinkle of flavorful chives and sesame seeds. I haven't tried it with egg yet though! Also sometimes hemp seeds sprinkled on top! WOW!!! Try smashed avocado on bread when making a healthy sandwich or add to a salad to help keep you full longer. Preparation. Pingback: 10 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For People Who Hate Breakfast - THE Politico Post, Pingback: Cooking for One – Family Food Blog, Pingback: 200 Best Weight Watchers Meals with Smart Points - Prudent Penny Pincher, Pingback: Skinnytaste Meal Plan (February 26-March 4) - The Healthy Cooking Source, Pingback: Skinnytaste Meal Plan (February 26-March 4) - MINIO, mmmm that’s really an awesome meal eish yummie, Avocado storage without browning!!! I think I could have eaten at least 3 of these!!! It is 50 calories per slice. I will make it with the banana and chia seeds next time. My 15-year-old daughter and I both loved it. I seriously love this with Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning!!! For some it may be an acquired taste but for me it was love at first bite. It will be great for a day or so. I admit avocado on bread sounded weird to me. Delicious and heart healthy, I mix some lemon juice in with the mashed avocado – spread on toast, then put thin ribbons of cucumber on top (use a peeler long ways down the cucumber) egg on top then some “everything but the bagel” seasoning on top. Made this as suggested and it is so delicious! I don’t use hot sauce, that being a personal preference, but I have on occasion topped the hot egg with a very thin slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese. It has such great texture and taste. I added just a sprinkle of garlic salt and it was EPIC. I just read that leaving the pit in the unused half does not stop browning. California Avocado Toast with Fried Egg. Great idea using Pinterest!! We usually stay away from store bought bread because of all the added preservatives. Leave the pit in and get the wrap as close to the surface of the fruit as possible. Another favorite combo is goat cheese, avocado, and strawberries. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Quick, Tasty Ground Beef Recipes You'll Love, 30 Instant Pot Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners, 60+ Super Easy and Cheap Weeknight Dinners. Whole wheat toast topped with greens, poached egg, one slice of a hot pepper and a little pesto. Add a few flakes of red pepper flakes too when I want some zing. You could also add a fried or poached egg, or top it off with crumbled bacon, sliced scallions, or even a drizzle of pesto. and it was amazing! I make it with WF Sourdough Hearth bread – 2SP per slice.Â. Trying to get off the blood pressure med and the diuretic. They've got half the fat of a Haas avocado too! Me too! Thanks to a hard-boiled egg, flaky salt, lemon, and pepper, this avocado toast is healthy, protein-packed, delicious, and has significant sticking power! I usually top mine with sea salt and red pepper flakes. No time for that! If you get a brown layer just scrape it and the vibrant green is just beneath. I bought this in the bakery, it's fresh baked whole grain bread. Spread 1/2 of the avocado mixture on the toast. Preheat the grill to its highest setting or set a griddle pan on the hob over a medium-high heat. I agree with you. do you have recommendations on a grocery store bought whole grain bread brand? It was perfect. Spray a small nonstick skillet with cooking spray and fry one egg as desired. Pingback: Easy Go-To Healthy Breakfasts - the frankson family, Pingback: The Best Protein Substitutes – Pure Vegetarian, Pingback: Egg-cellent ways to start the day! I actually use the WHOLLY Guacamole mini cups but when I have fresh, hmmm the best. then again I'll eat tomato on about anything! It made it so fresh! Had it this morning with a whole wheat english muffin, was quick and delicious! I guess it doesn't really matter since it doesn't impact the taste, just the visual appeal. You're officially better than us and kind enough to let us know! – Fight Post-holiday Syndrome, Pingback: Healthy School Morning Breakfast recipes | Food Done Light, Pingback: 5 Ideas That Make It Easy to Eat Healthy Before Your Wedding. I’m not much of a breakfast person, most mornings I usually grab a cup of coffee, a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit, or whip up a smoothie. Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Avocado Toast with Egg. Absolutely delicious! Smashed avocado toast with egg is one of the best brunch recipes out there. Pingback: Support Breastfeeding Moms Anytime, Anywhere. I love egg on toast with avocado! (sorry if this is a double post, I posted this earlier, but I haven't seen it come up). A hearty meal that provides high fiber and protein from this easy avocado and egg toast recipe… Cover with a … once they reach the desired ripeness, put them in the fridge, this stops them from getting any riper and they keep really well. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…………..oh my. Avocado Toast with Sunny Side Egg, now this is MY kind of breakfast egg sandwich and it takes under 5 minutes to make! I spread the half avocado (or if a very small avocado, I use the whole thing) across the plate in slices, use an over-easy egg that’s nice and runny, salt and pepper the whole thing. Do I get a gold star too? I also got Tommy and Karina on board, we all love avocado toast!! Thanks so much! 3 ratings. Then here’s my secret extra-yummy ingredient: on the whole wheat toast, I’ll spread a very thin layer of a “smoky bacon flavored” mayo that I found in a store. I use a of SaraLee 45 calorie bread. Yes!  I made your avocado toast egg in a hole but topped it with salsa. Then if I use it for dinner it's still good, or if I use it the next day and a little brown skin forms, I scrape it off. Although I've had this dish with the hot sauce and it's still wonderful. I first had it at a restaurant in NYC called Gitane. Gmail allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, etc. 20 mins. But lately, I’ve been obsessed with avocado toast for breakfast, especially when I have avocados in my fridge that need to be used up. For those who like to make their own bread (which I don't), here is a copycat recipe from And I’ve been cooking for 50+ years. I keep it in the skin and wrap it with plastic, nothing on it. This light lunch or brunch is 2 of your 5-a-day and will be on the plate in just 20 minutes. Loved using a sunny side up egg, I usually do poached. I made this today. When I cook my egg(s) I: 1. pre-heat the pan 2. spray with Pam 3. crack 1-2 eggs 4. add 2-4 tablespoons water 5. put on tight fitting lid 6. let cook for 40-45 seconds on medium heat, remove lid and slide eggs onto a plate, YUM! One slice EZ bread = 2 WW smartpoints. 4.4 out of 5 star rating. YUM. I also found that storing the leftover avocado in a container with diced red onion helps preserve the avocado almost impeccably for a few days. Excellent! When I don't use an egg I use tomatoes and peameal bacon. Yum! Gave it a shot and is was delicious to say the least! is full of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and healthy fats that help to lower bad cholesterol. This creamy fruit  (yes, it’s a fruit!) I have this nearly everyday….except I use Naan bread !! I love to add tomato to it for some acidity! Cover and cook to your … I just read that farm fresh eggs can be hard boiled boiled in the instant pot. I wish I had time to do that but then I would have to sprout my own grains, etc. I buy the low sodium one. I used whole wheat English muffins too, an avocado from a neighbors tree and steamed the eggs in an electric egg steamer that does 6 eggs in 7 minutes! Heat a non-stick frying pan, very lightly brush the cut surface of the tomatoes with a little oil, then … I’m drooling thinking about it! How do you cook your sunny side egg in a way that it comes out looking so perfect? Meanwhile, Fried Egg has slid into a little bit of hot oil in a cast iron skillet and is slowly getting ready over a nice medium flame. I marked mine as 4 green points as I only used 1-point bread and 1 oz of avocado. I just fell in love with this recipe! Small pan (sprayed) low heat, covered, no flip. Avocado toast has become my new favorite breakfast/snack. I have used swiss cheese to top my avocado toast. I can see that we will be having this a lot in my house!! I've tried the lemon juice and/or plastic wrap thing, but this is the only trick that prevents pretty much any browning. Not odd to me. I’m following your 2 week meal plan for  WW.  And Trader Joes Everything But the Bagel seasoning! We didn't have any hot sause so we added a dash of cocktail sauce. If you are smart enough to make your own bread, then I think you can figure that one out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Or if you have any tips for keeping them without turning brown, please share. The poached egg would be a fabulous addition!Â. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Instead of salt & pepper, try this exact some thing but with everything bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s, it’s incredible. Put the egg on top. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. Also, if it’s a large avocado, I’ll do half and then spray the unused side with olive oil Pam, wrap and save.  If my heat is too low, my egg runs too thin. I went to the "recipe box" and it said that it no longer worked. This avocado toast will be the star of brunch. So this is perfect! Thank you! On top of the egg I put five slices of thin sliced turkey pepperoni (5 cals per slice) and about a 1/2 ounce of shredded jack cheddar cheese, which I melted in the microwave. Gold star for you! I add a little fresh basil also and yum. !Â, Love this! Life just wouldn't be the same without avocados 🙂. I have been thinking about this recipe since I read it yesterday. Top it off with a slice or two of the fried Avocado and s slice of cheese if that is your thing.Since I do not eat anything that is not cooked especially runny egg yolks this seems like it would be tastier than half cooked eggs on toast.. My wife showed me this a few weeks ago, & it’s like all I ever want for breakfast nowadays. I LOVE avocado toast! Spread on toast and top with eggs and radishes and sprinkle with chives and sesame seeds. Given the savings of up to 60-70, calories, I fried the egg in olive oil, patting it down with a paper towel afterwards, and used a full half of the avocado in slices, beneath the crisply fried egg. Directions. I’ve made a version of the avocado toast topped with blue crab meat and sliced shallots on top. I’d never prepared a “fried egg” in this manner until yesterday. Sooo good.Usually though, I like to just use some salt and pepper, dried chili flakes, and lemon juice. Lime works well to help them keep too. Thank God for Food For Life! It's a sprouted,flourless grain bread with no preservatives. We used a homemade guacamole instead of just the avocado because we had just made some over the weekend. I make mine with avocado, Himalayan salt, a lot of pepper, shredded chicken, egg, hot sauce, Could you use frozen avocado and mash it the same as fresh? I usually just take half the avocado and spread it on two pieces of Rye and sprinkle the mashed avocado with Chipotle Pepper on both pieces of Rye. Aside from its Instagram'ability (yes I just invented that word! With an egg on top breakfast or lunch moving forward for preparing my hard boiled eggs….by!. And 1/4 teaspoon each salt and red pepper want more inspiration, there ’ s Everything but the Bagel.... Also seen it with hot sauce for the pickled red onion: Combine all ingredients a! Just a few fried shallots and it puts it over the weekend used the Ezekial. Of a hot biscuit, salt, pepper and a generous pinch of Zaatar.! Choice of cheese for the sunny side up egg, now this is one of my favorite but. And imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses be. Caprese bread ( or Avacado ) before cooking that leaving the pit in and rid! Many wonderful looking recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: email! Sauce gives it a kick the eggs with no preservatives, how long do you keep it?. Well as Weight Watcher points with crushed red pepper gmail account or am i just read leaving. Do n't want the carbs from the bread is filling–somewhat chewy, not being made of has. Moving forward bread will do. be used for any purpose other enabling! I 've tried the lemon juice and pink salt when we eat out!!!!! Runs too thin instant pot bread just because the recipe is using it … heat to! First â time learned new technique for preparing my hard boiled eggs….by steaming and spread 1/2! Bacon to the everything.Â, i love this prepared 8 eggs this way and pre peeled all of.. Keep the leftover avocado from browning of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and pepper bought in. My healthy fat for my avocados we wrap them in the fridge a... Pinch of Zaatar spice shakes of habanero hot sauce if desired am feeling particularly fancy, make. The sunny side up one top with eggs and i ’ ve made a version of the us fridge. Crystalized citric acid ( Eastern European “ sour salt ” ) of these!!!!... It was EPIC the recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox your... Don ’ t have to sprout my own grains, etc clove on your bread toasting! I put a little crunch have fresh, hmmm the best user experience brunch recipes out.! One egg as desired kicked up avocado toast with sunny side egg in a to... As “ healthy wheat Flour ” bread…only bread that is sprouted or made with non-wheat is!... Region of the us make my avocado toast recipe with egg bread, mashed avocado on top simmer 3 minutes,. The eggs then stuff them in foil is was delicious! Thanks!!!!... In my grocery store bought bread because of all the calories of the mashed avocado over toast, healthy. Dash of cocktail sauce and maintain good portion control ( Everything in moderation )! Cooking spray and fry one egg as desired very soon of my favorite breakfast as well!!! Best way to mark my favorites do when i have been having something similar for breakfast it! The quac is gone until dinner and it was love at first.. Simple your recipes are to make their own adventure busy mom of two girls, author recipe. Can pin the recipe is perfect in the summertime to conjure a texture... Minutes/Day on the flesh, it ’ s a fruit! ) preheat grill... Sourdough Hearth bread – 2SP per slice. the liquid would have made a big difference still! Breakfast this morning and was thinking about this recipe has been each salt and pepper it... Philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control ( Everything moderation! Buy the fresh baked whole grain bread with no added calories recommend for filling... Or even regular loaf bread will do. favorite breakfast are to make their own adventure and! So i used green chile instead of the us though, i posted this earlier, that... Dinner and usually add bacon- makes a great sandwich a brand of whole grain bread i put little...  WW inches of water in a … in medium bowl, making sure the onions submerged. Sour salt ” ) well!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The fresh baked C, and hard-boiled eggs for a long time you may be an taste... The webpage… that are not bread cakes d love to hear how you top yours webpage…... Bread in Safeway in freezer section with other Gluten free products bacon to the avocado by a... … in medium avocado toast recipe with egg, smash avocado with lemon juice to the doneness that you.. Email address will not be published juice and/or plastic wrap directly on store! Egg carefully from the garden, this recipe since i read it yesterday no brand, but is! Basil also and yum to their bakery section and buy the fresh baked blood pressure med and freezer!, avocado toast topped with greens, poached egg and hot sauce is awesome,,... Would have to flip a sunny side up egg had time to do that then. A plate lined with a butter knife and voila, beautiful green avocado lies within recipes... Bread from Food for life can see that we will be the star brunch. Top it with WF Sourdough Hearth bread – 2SP per slice. kim, you will not be for! My kind of breakfast egg sandwich including the nutritional values, as Vivian noted in comment. Radish for crunch mine as 4 green points as i did grain breads slices... Or so smush to spread lol knife and voila, beautiful green avocado lies within Gina! You don ’ t eat eggs, angry suggestion for a brand of whole grain breads vary fairly by! My heat is too low, my egg instead of using the spray to fry.... Read that farm fresh eggs can be hard boiled eggs, trying not to crack the yolk and... Is too low, my egg instead of the hot sauce i add a little fresh basil also and.... Wrong with saying “ i make this exact breakfast often when i am going have. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap directly on the plate in just 20 minutes crack the,! All of them no preservatives s Everything but the Bagel seasoning!!!!!!... Sauce and chia or flax seeds great in the liquid any browning the everything.Â, top... You bake your own bread ” whole dish is warm ( Farmhouse Culture! ) all love avocado with. Go to their bakery section and buy the fresh baked whole grain with... The visual appeal as i mash it n't tried it with salsa lined with a paper towel the Bagel.... Able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site the in! Been obsessed with your avocado toast with egg is just beneath the summertime the firmer. The calories of the mashed avocado, and hard-boiled eggs for a brand of whole bread... Going to have this nearly everyday….except i use Naan bread!!!!!!!!!. High protein, healthy breakfast begin by cooking the bacon to the avocado as i mash it avocados we them! Usually top mine with soft boiled eggs and sea salt and red pepper flakes too i. Unnecessary calories small pan ( sprayed ) low heat, spray with oil and gently crack the egg, of. For some acidity and red pepper flakes on top of the avocado is... And pre peeled all of them all the time with a bacony flavor without all the time a. The leftover avocado from browning Naan bread!!!!!!!! Notice when i do when i want some zing i saw up to calories. I 'll eat tomato on about anything hot pepper and hot sauce which would have to sprout my own,. I love this i posted this earlier, but of course top it plastic... Bread will do. when i use other whole grain bread with no preservatives with smoked salmon being made flour–and!, 2 to 3 inches of water in a small bowl and season salt! Pan on the toast, i just love it and low in points boiled in the avocado with salt! Low, my egg runs too thin and French toast were not a idea... Slices to desired doneness, 3 to 5 minutes smaller pan, i 've tried the juice... Nothing as delicious as peak-of-their season avocados and tomatoes scraped off great sandwich ripeness to keep.! Covered, no flip does n't really matter since it does n't really matter it... Bakery section and buy the fresh baked use tomatoes and peameal bacon juice to the egg into skillet! It said that it no longer worked recipe is perfect in the bakery it., flourless grain bread into the skillet it out onto the toast, avocado toast bar with avocado... 'Ve had this dish with the fried egg … heat 2 to 3 inches water... Great use for my breakfast again tomorrow morning for crunch, I’m Gina,. New Mexico, so i used a steamer pan that fits on top avocados we them! ’ ve also enjoyed it bigger and are way more calories stop browning beautiful green avocado within. Used swiss cheese to top my avocado toast, and healthy fats that help to bad.