😀, UPDATE: I made my selection from the Minwax stain colors I tested and…, My refinished hardwood floors are finished! PaintPerks® Terms & Conditions, generated on: Wed Dec 23 20:53:18 CST 2020. I tested Minwax Jacobean stain, Dark Walnut stain, Special Walnut stain, and a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut stain to 1 part Special Walnut stain. Red oak, old style 2 1/4″ strip flooring. The pix you are using as comparison are all with white kitchens and walls. Kids Outdoor Victorian Playhouse Detailed Plan Plans Kids Outdoor Victorian Playhouse Detailed Plan Plans 14. It is an oil based wood finish. I’m just trying to say, be sure you’re only considering straight brown because YOU like it! 196. gabenjenny.com - Browse photos of minwax stain colors pine hardwoods design extremely with resolution 1878x1126 pixel, filesize 0 KB (Photo ID #42240), you are viewing image #12 of 16 photos gallery. Minwax Wood Finish is a penetrating, oil-based stain that enhances wood grain with rich color in just one coat. Regardless, stain colors come out different on different woods (and even different pieces). Minwax® Wood Finish™ Interior Stain Marker $4.96 each Add To Cart Minwax® Interior Oil-Base Wood Paste Finishing Wax - 1 lb. So I say a medium tone vs dark is better! And yes, it is very stinky. Cant’t wait to see which one you pick!! This next picture was also taken last night… It took two weeks for the smell to be complexity gone! The contrast with the dark flooring looks great in those rooms but I fear would be dreary in most of your rooms. To me the mixture looks perfect! super easy and will look great Will never do I think again. Exterior Minwax Decking wood stain for your wood siding, deck and fence. I feel like it kinda falls between dark walnut and special walnut on a darkness scale, but has less red. It penetrates deep into the pores to seal and protect the wood. Classic Gray by Minwax. I’m also on the “dark floors and pets don’t mix” team. I’m sure you’ll get it much closer than it is now and make it much less orange. Agree with your favorites. I wanted to get a look at the colors in different lighting, so the picture above was taken last night. I used the dark walnut on my oak floors (red oak? I think the weathered oak cut out a lot of the redness. Just another option to consider. But be prepared for a very stinky house. I tried to send you a comment on your “Rethinking my hardwood floors” post, but it didn’t go through. Your tenacity and willingness to make changes when you aren’t pleased with how something turned out reaffirm to me that I’m not alone! Product Title Minwax 66060000 Gel Stain , quart, Walnut Average rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars, based on 25 reviews 25 ratings Current Price $16.32 $ 16 . I also had my mother, who was in a wheelchair, living with us, and her wheelchair brought in lots of extra dirt(!) As soon as I could, I went with a medium color and I’ve never regretted that decision, even though it cost me a pretty penny to redo the floors. Copyright 2007-2019 - Kristi Linauer, LLC. Just stain alone will look flat and lifeless. When you want to showcase your creative side, choose Minwax ® water-based stains for vibrant colors ranging from blues and greens to reds and pinks. Not that my vote counts but the blend of special and dark looks lovely. Secondly, DuraSeal oil based stain Have you considered English Chestnut? We couldn’t sleep in it with the fumes! Subtotal: $0.00. I love how it picks up darker on the wood grains. Minwax Wood Finish is available in 16 colors. Why waste the time to have to redo them yet again? Shelley makes a good point…test out on the old floor first and make necessary adjustments. why not continue to ponder it while yo of the big structural/cabinet jobs? Don’t forget to apply the sealer you plan to use over the stain. We also chose Minwax stain for our red oak floors. So my favorites are Dark Walnut stain and the mixture of Special Walnut stain and Dark Walnut stain. It looks too light, too red, and too washed out. It’s through the entire bottom floor of my home, and I wish I would have gone lighter, it’s alot of dark floor and I feel dark walnut doesn’t play as nice with other wood tones, so some of my furniture doesn’t sit well directly against the floor, I have to make sure certain pieces are on area rugs, either because it’s too matchy or clashes. View Details How to Choose a Stain Color. 32 - $28.87 $ 28 . Half dark walnut, half weathered oak stain by Minwax on pine. So keep the posts, videos, etc. I like the 50/50 mixture of special and dark walnut best. I think I’d start with the old floor first and adjust the color for the new floor as necessary. That’s a huge difference, and that’s why the Dark Walnut is still in the running. Dark stain shows so much stuff, especially in the sunshine!! Tintable in a wide array of colors for ultimate design flexibility and color matching - please visit your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams Store. The General Finishes grey wood stain is highly pigmented, so one coat of stain is all you need for most applications. Anyway, same situation. (total agreement, the Jacobean really fell short on my floors – maybe it’s better on white oak) The three DuraSeal shades I’ve narrowed it to are Coffee, Antique Brown, and Spice. BUT-can I ask why you are doing FLOORS at this stage? Overview. Original living and dining room floors, about 450 s.f. I wanted to get a look at the colors in different lighting, so the picture above was taken last night. Available in 5 popular wood tones. Sort By Featured. Minwax Stain Colors Pine Hardwoods Design Extremely Minwax Stain Colors Pine Hardwoods Design Extremely 13. Teal Furniture-Style Vanity Made From Stock Cabinets – Finished. Good luck! So my decision as come down to Dark Walnut…, …or a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut to 1 part Special Walnut…, Interestingly, in those two pictures, the Dark Walnut appears to have more red in it. I personally don’t care for it at all and would like some yellow or red tones in my floors, regardless of what’s trendy right now. This stain color can read a bit silver or … Have you considered trying a different brand then minwax? I have it on some handrails in my home and it is gorgeous, imho, and about as dark as the mix (and you wouldn’t have to mix! Your niece’s room is gorgeous, btw! We bought a house that had hardwoods everywhere but the bedroom. Perhaps it was because I had a link in it? In the different light settings the mixture was the most consistent and I was drawn to it from the first photo. And there is absolutely no difference in the areas of the floor now that the stain and finish are on. Minwax Polyshades Pecan Satin Step Stain Minwax Polyshades Pecan Satin Step Stain 12. Am I right? 98. Maybe it will bring down a little of the red that worries you. Also, the rooms are awash with exclusively white or cream walls, rugs and furniture. It also doesn’t give a natural patina that I am hoping for this time by using your suggestion of Waterlox. Now to also decide on which one makes the adjoining kitchen floor in maple look close to its neighboring oak floors! But it is more of a pain to apply. If not, will be shipped without stain. Classic Gray is a premium wood stain by Minwax. I wonder if I can do the same…strip it and restain. I love how they look! Minwax | Interior Stains . Don’t forget to put the samples next to your newly painted blue cabinets. Minwax® preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes. 367. Early American has a more faded sun look to it which gives it a light, weathered vibe. And if your old floor and new floor don’t match 100% — do not sweat it. First and foremost, WaterPopping. Check It Out. You also won’t see every little smudge. Kristi, I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of years, and feel a kindred spirit!! Find Minwax Decking wood stain color fast at Materials-World - Stains - Interior and exterior stain colors for decks, floors, fences and more. It is ideal for staining furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, molding, and hardwood floors. Minwax® Wood Finishing Cloths. either a stain or a gel. or just use the Two in One Penofin stain! A designer house requires a well-planned home design and here is a list of a few things to consider in creating the house plan Dorothy Edwards. Now to see what you do! It’s warmer and slightly more traditional, but both are winners! Keep in mind that almost everything we make is crafted in several different wood types, and every stain will look a little different depending on the wood on which it’s applied. Kristy…As you know, the top coat you use, will change the color of the wood…so, I would also topcoat these sample boards…Kudos to you…for all you do! Not only is it a nice rich color but it is warm. I’ve been living with them almost 10 years and I think its time for a change. There’s more depth and variation in that one. I’ve had dark floors in the past and deeply regretted it – they showed every speck of dust, every footprint and the animal hair drove me crazy. Have fun! Minwax Polyshades Pecan Satin Step Stain 12. You can see clearly the wood’s color undertones (yellow, pink, green, neutral, red) but they aren’t nearly as pronounced. General Finishes Gray Gel Stain. Minwax Stain Colors, Minwax 70012 1 Quart Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain Dark, Minwax 70012 1 quart wood finish interior wood stain dark walnut in tools home improvement minwax 30803 water based express color wiping stain and finish walnut.Best 25 Minwax Stain Colors Ideas On Pinterest Stain, … What a sweet Aunt and Grandma to do that for her. Not sure. For different size of floorings in various locations there are different ideas that I … I’m not sure at all. Because this stain pigment is such a dark rich color, you might want to consider adding a pre stain wood conditioner. I have to clean them constantly. I prefer the mixture also. If you are attempting to search for ideas for 22 Fantastic Minwax Hardwood Floor Stain Colors This is the place to be. Awesome Gel Stain Colors #1 Minwax Gel Stain Colors Description. Especially on hiring out other people, I would rather learn how to do it myself even if it takes more time. Everything is now 2 1/4 inch red oak. Hi Kristi. Minwax 63485000 Wood Finish Stain Marker, Early American. It is a really balanced medium brown tone. Click here to see how they turned out…. Use our stain color guide to pick the right stain color for your wood projects. Minwax Decking stains in transparent, semi-transparent and opaque (solid). Get the latest inspiration on color and cutting edge design. Minwax® preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes. Minwax ® Wood Finish™ is available in 25 wood tone colors and can be used to enhance any bare or stripped wood surface. I’m not so sure about the dark stains. I recently bought a house with hardwood floors that needed refinishing. View all Preparation products Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner use a good quality oil stain. I’ve had much more success with Zar stains or Rustoleum. Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Navy Interior Stain (Quart) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe's.com. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. All Rights Reserved. Find My Store. again, water will cause a 'grain pop' that requires an extra step of sanding. This next picture was also taken last night…. It think it looks even better when it’s finished with an oil based polyurethane which really enhances the dark walnut color and the grain of the wood.