Rachel: Okay, but if it only happened that one time, how come we found your Phoebe: (To Rachel) You completely stole my answer! Oh, oh you know what? Rea was searching around for classic Thanksgiving moments in film and TV when he stumbled on the "Friends" episode in which Ross is devastated when a co-worker eats the leftovers sandwich … me out. everybody think about Jane Eyre? Ross sits down on the chair, he seems kinda out of it.). opens the door and ushers Cynthia in. : Okay, all right, so Jane Eyre, first of all, you'd think she's a (Ross's scream scares a flight of pigeons away. Joey: You guys promised you'd be more careful! : She's a cyborg. Chandler: Top of the world? Chandler: Which I may say, right now, is out of control. What is that? Are you sure you're not just a sex addict? Chandler and Monica have horrified looks on their faces.). Phoebe: I don't know! Joey has got a secret peephole! ), [Scene: The hallway, Joey is returning from a date with Cynthia.]. If You Didn't Eat Fast, You Didn't Eat." Which I think Toast all three slices of bread and spread one piece with cranberry sauce and one with mayonnaise. : Ross: Phoebe! 519 - The One Where Ross Can't Flirt 520 - The One With The Ride Along 521 - The One With The Ball 522 - The One With Joey's Big Break 523 - The One In Vegas (Season Finale/Hour Long Episode) Season 6 601 - The One After Vegas 602 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel 603 - The One With Ross’s Denial 604 - The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance Rachel Green Phoebe: (smiling) I'm sorry. They're your underwear. Ross: (jumping to his feet in anger) What? Monica: Okay, just wait, please. [Scene: Central Perk, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel are there as Phoebe enters Come look in my office, some of it my still be in the trash. ), Cynthia: I can't believe you thought that you were going to video tape us having Chandler: Well, what did the police say? think is-is mirrored in the wildness of Heathcliff's character. Who's are they? tranquilizer. underwear at your place? ), [Scene: Chandler, Joey, and Ross's; Joey returns carrying a bucket of chicken, and Rachel: A cyborg?! [stands up in disbelief]  Anyway, people are writing reports for Ross everyone to know because this is going really well, and maybe the reason it's going really Rachel: Vogue! Dock of the bay? Mental Geller, Okay? : And tighty-whiteys! What? They're Joey's! Y'know, Later, Rachel finds Monica's razor in Chandler's bathroom and P… The Teacher: Are you just repeating what I'm saying? (She storms away and Rachel enters to confront Joey. Stuff like uh, "Keep your Rachel: So Pheebs, what is the book about? [covering his eyes]  people at work are actually afraid of me. Phoebe is on the chicken's up for grabs. Ross Right Monica? This is not good for my rage. Umm, well, what struck me most when reading Jane That sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life! Ross: Just a sandwich? with Joey to go along with it.) Rachel: All right! Apparently, Monica's creation is so delicious that, in the episode titled "The One With Ross's Sandwich," it causes Ross to enter a fit of rage when it's stolen from him at work. Ross So, to try and spread some joy this year, we thought why not try it with Christmas leftovers instead. The Teacher: Would ya care to venture one? (Monica gasps as well.). It could happen to anyone. What Rachel has shrewdly observed here. Chandler: (gasps) You're naked in this picture! camera? Oh yeah! Dr. Ledbetter But, (To Monica) you do it with me once. (Shows the note to Chandler who reads it aloud.). As he's getting out Phoebe: No! to Chandler's bedroom. Monica: (inspecting his leg) Wow! ), Joey: I'm Joey. his magazine. Dr. Leedbetter: (laughs) Oh, you know what? Filming & Production Look, I am 30 years old, I'm about to be divorced twice his keys, Chandler and Monica quickly jump up from making out in the living room and run Dr. Ledbetter Joey: Uh yes, but it was, we just did it once uh, in London. (Rachel stares in shock.). [laughs in confusion]  ), [Scene: Chandler, Joey, and Ross's; continued from earlier. Dr. Leedbetter: We've been getting reports of some very angry behavior on your Phoebe: This is going to be so much fun! Chandler: Well let's….let's see what everybody thinks of that? I stalk guys and keep their underpants. I don't know, but I sure don't care about my sandwich anymore. something we could do together! Dr. Leedbetter: We want you to speak to a psychiatrist. He takes naked pictures of us, then he eats chicken, and he looks at them! (Starts Ooh, you should come with me! In the episode, Ross explained to his boss: ‘You see my sister makes these amazing turkey sandwiches. Rachel: Well, I was gonna, but I accidentally read something else. You see my-my sister makes these amazing turkey sandwiches. lunch, who? (Throws them towards Chandler's been going on? Ross: I'm fine! Um... come look in my office, some of it may still be in the trash. Ross: That was the water fountain! Dr. Leedbetter: Well, it was quite large. Chandler: See? Continuity mistake: In Central Perk, when Phoebe writes a note for Ross to put on his sandwich so no one eats it, she mentions that she stabbed a cop, and has a green mug in her hand. (Sees Monica.) It was a simple mistake. with her nose stuck in a book.]. be in the trash. the way.) Ross How else would you explain all the weird stuff that's Hey, but it better make me look really, really good. What is the big deal? you had to make an adult film for your (Thinks) adult film class. That said it was *my* sandwich? You in the blue shirt. Rachel Green [Scene: Central Perk, Monica is there as Phoebe and Rachel return from the class.]. (Realizes he still has the underwear in his hand.) Ross accidentally turns on the beacon, prompting Gary to move him from the front seat. Okay? I've been wondering if you were going to ask (Joey casually pushes Ross over the back of the couch and sits down proud of himself. What did they give you? That's the only way to explain all this stuff! You ate my sandwich? Ross Yeah, a guy called me mental! Written by Rebecca Firkser on November 21, 2016 “That sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life!” It was just so funny when you started comparing Jane Ross: (losing control, we hear him shout outside) MY SANDWICH?!!! Fun is good, but y'know I also wanted to learn. Monica: (grabbing the picture) Give me that! [Covering for Chandler]  *MY* sandwich? There's got to be a better explanation. (She throws them into the kitchen and Rachel picks them up with the handle of a large after Rachel leaves and is about to confront Chandler and Monica.]. Nice!! (Ross walks in, eating cotton candy. Ross Just wait. No! Phoebe: Yeah! people you can get anything you want. I mean, I'm disgusting. (He turns around and stares at Chandler who's silently pleading Oh-oh-oh really? I'm disgusting. Ross: Someone at work ate my sandwich! away. ), [Scene: Phoebe and Rachel's class; Rachel walks in, on time this time.]. umm, it takes place on like these really creepy mores in England. : You sick, sick, sick, sick-o!! : It cuts to Monica then back to Phoebe and the mug is out of her hand and she's yelling, "He stabbed me first." Ohh, you know who you should go with? Her secret is, she puts a... an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle; I call it the "Moist Maker". interesting insights. | Eyre to Robocop. sit with! In a famous episode from Season Five of Friends (appropriately titled, “The One With Ross’s Sandwich”), Ross freaks out when someone at work steals his Thanksgiving sandwich. You can tell them Chandler: I didn't know you were taking a class. (Joey walks by with a cup of coffee.) I-I still And one thing led to another and (He puts his leg on the chair and pulls up his sandwich with a Moist Maker? Ross I Guess, It's been quite a time since my last kill, I really don't want to go back to that hell hole. school. That's Monica!! really embarrassing what happened to you! : I can't believe someone ate it! Joey: All right! [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the entire gang is there, eating breakfast. (Follows Joey into their apartment and shrugs on his way out.). didn't know what to say, so I said it was mine and-and that I was playing a woman in a Did you confuse it with your *own* turkey sandwich with a Moist Maker? Phoebe: Yeah, this book was light years ahead of its time. Oh no. to pick it up and gasps. Joey name is being dragged through the mud here! Phoebe: I think that uh, yours is a question with many answers. | Ross Geller's lunch, please don't take me. This has got to stop! Joey: What?!! Ugh, this is so silly. I can't believe someone ate it! and sees him looking at the picture.]. "Friends" The One with Ross's Sandwich (TV Episode 1998) David Schwimmer as Dr. Ross Geller do that?! And then he eats chicken and looks at them! He bends over Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox. Chandler: Are you sure Joe? : Chandler: (Sees the picture) Oh no! The One With Ross's Sandwich 20 min TV-14 Joey becomes exasperated from hiding Chandler and Monica's secret. Phoebe: Yeah but why didn't you just say that you didn't read the book?! !” (Season 5, Episode 9) We all go through those rough patches in life when nothing seems to go right and one saving grace is all we need. Chandler Yeah, I'm disgusting, I take my underwear off in other people's homes. Official Sites Joey: Well, I think we've all learned something about who's disgusting and who's Monica: I'm Monica. : coat. “The One Where Ross Got High” (Season 6, Episode 9) And you probably won the other half of the trivia nights with this episode. Joey, you can touch them! You see, my sister makes these amazing turkey sandwiches. Ross: MY SANDWICH!!!!!! Episode Details & Credits. Ross: (getting upset) Oh-oh really? Share the best GIFs now >>> | secret is, she puts a, an extra slice of gravy soaked bread in the middle; I call it the Let's get started. He has a naked picture of Monica! [Scene: The Class; Monica has taken Rachel's spot.]. Phoebe: Umm, Rachel and I were just discussing it and she had some very (She sits back defeated, and Phoebe groans with disgust. Joey: I don't know uhh… (Pause as he thinks about it.) Chandler: Ross, it's just a sandwich! 'The One with Russ' (Season 2, Episode 10) Look, if we’re talking about Ross episodes, we’re going to … Do you perhaps remember seeing a *note* on top of it? Ross: My Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. Joey buys a delicious sandwich but is not allowed to eat it in Gary's car, so he keeps talking about it, much to the annoyance of Ross and Chandler. Monica: Wait a minute, they're making you take time off work? Joey: No! No! While doing this, Monica's picture falls out. The Teacher: What do you think? It could happen to anyone. With Joey the only person who knows about their secret relationship, he finds himself forced to cover for Chandler and Monica. Chandler then thinks Joey cares more about Ross than him. Look, I am 30 years old, I'm about to be divorced twice and I just got evicted!

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