Who has sent you? This you must do! Chorus Time for him now to flee this place, flee faster than flying mares, faster than the wind. to conceive cursed children with that son.      360 Chorus Tell us, child of Golden Hope, of the love that is as wide as the sky! . Oedipus you are wrong to think that this mindless obstinacy of yours is some sort of virtue! here in the city, a bad citizen, they understand what humans do. to punish me in one of two dreadful ways—                                  [Back to Text] and deadly pestilence, that fiery god, If he still says that there were several men,                          Chorus If I were a seer myself and if my brain would be at all wise, Kitheron, I would bet by Olympus, that by tomorrow’s full moon, we will make you our great friend! Why should a man whose life seems ruled by chance For if you are who this man says you are No tower, no ship is worth anything if it is bereft of men. though all that you have said is right. Shall I tell you more, He is the only guard of our city now and he’ll advise you on all your wishes. You’ll not convince me, Creon It is they. (19), OEDIPUS but then I was misguided by my fears. no living human being, will cross my path. rather than his mind’s true judgment. feet” or “knowledge of one’s feet.” Both terms evoke a strongly ironic sense of Oedipus He has sent that evil seer to me to tell me while he kept his own mouth free of such utterances. a special pain for him and no one else. I do not think the Ister or the Phasis rivers Pay Creon due respect. The other shepherd greets him with a smile. While stage is dark, we hear the soft but ominous sounds of ancient drums and a flute, mingled with the many loud groans of hunger and pain as well as calls for Oedipus’ help: Oedipus! But even if he changes that old news, Would I had never known you! Since you ask me, yes. Now, tell me if you recall by Cithaeron, whose fame is now my own. and treat your own disease—then you may hope to steer our ship of state, Laius ruled this land. Oedipus Thieves? What pain! This man here, my old friend, is that little boy! for I’m priest of Zeus—and these ones here, the pick of all our youth. If you did not look so old, you’d find out. My little virgins. So take care of them for me. This man here, my friend,                         lead me away from Thebes—take me somewhere, Chorus We saw it all! Oedipus Has no one else managed to bring news of his death or does none of his attendants have any light to shed upon this dreadful deed? in what you are. Where were your birds? but I must not say those words. Oedipus has for so long been afraid It’s all hot air! what you are doing . That’s why I want to see him here before me. That is well said. Someone must call Jocasta Poor, unfortunate man! With a scream Oedipus came bursting in. and sent out the children, my dear treasures? They shake hands. Let him come and tell us what needs to be done. They show suffering and exhaustion under the intense heat. What appalling Fate! Aristotle, Look closely. You are or a troop of soldiers, like a royal king? If you stay, you will provoke me. This one you fear, Chorus Countless are my sufferings. From then on I thought of it just as a place bent the bolts by force out of their sockets. He’s coming out now. her name is Merope, wife to Polybus. No, it wasn’t me. and, in my wandering thoughts, exploring if you know, can you tell me where he is? Make him run away! SERVANT: an old shepherd I do not speak for fear of doing the same. Ill-Fated in mind and in flesh. that child of theirs born many years ago— and from now on not speak to these men or me. he’d take the child off to a foreign land It’s so clear now. to the great chamber of Amphitrite It’s true that in their dreams a lot of men the man you have been seeking all this time, have seen me by turns both small and great. It is for your own good I am giving you this advice! yet there is so much I must see. Chorus Yes, I know him well. [920] Oedipus Rex, written around 420 BC, has long been regarded not only as you stayed away from Corinth? So tell me the nature of the damage Lord Apollo But there is no sure way to ascertain                                   for I’m priest of Zeus—and these ones here, Chorus Ill-Fated man! although that’s not what I desire. give up such benefits for something else? Come on, tell me                                              (3) You should not accuse a friend of yours of other troubles which will render you you won’t annoy me further. How can I ask him Oedipus A wound? For such atrocious acts, suicide is too small a price to pay. Are you not ashamed? What exactly are you afraid that I will do to you? Chorus I wonder whose murderous hand it is that Delphi’s prophetic rock said committed this most incredible of all incredible deeds? 551. It’s critical, time at last Sphinx then committed suicide.   20 How can one find the clues to such an old crime? Herald Excuse me, sir, which woman frightens you so much? O, no! 500 Sophocles (495 BC-405 BC) was a famous and successful Athenian writer of tragedies in his own lifetime. A slave—the only one who got away. Alas, alas! he will be sent out from this land unhurt     600 Oedipus I know. shorter line above in the reckoning. O my lord, you noble heart, let me do that— Let him not be afraid. I did not want to be my father’s killer. He says he’ll throw himself out of his land, that he’ll be an exile; and that he won’t remain here while he’s fallen in the grips of his own curses. at the hands of an infant born from me. An intelligent man like you, yet you see what you have done with my part of justice! you Cadmeians who support my efforts,                             the arrow of the gods aimed at his heart? The citizens carry branches wrapped in wool, which they offer to the gods as gifts. Zeus’ daughter! I like to hold my tongue. The house of Labdacus is the Theban royal You! the murderer of the man whose house it was,                       has been so changed by trouble, What perversion is not manifest in us? or where Ismenus prophesies with fire. some concern for your own life, then stop! We could only see the obvious and could never look for any hidden clues. Let me tell you the truth, wife. so pleasing to our king. Is this the man this herald is talking about?    840 . Alone and with divine sign, I’d have no hope of finding any clues that have to do with this crime. the nature of my birth? as is appropriate, if he’s the one. With the god’s help so I didn’t learn what I had come to find. for you to care for them on my behalf. And yet I know this much—no disease Were I to be a king the chores would choke me. (10) that he would kill his father. As you can see—one by one they swoop away, off to the shores of the evening god, like birds. hidden in the untamed wood, on my behalf when I am so depraved? His clothes are no more than tattered hessian rags. tainting my children and their children, too? a god dishonoured among gods.(7). Deliver us from all pollution by the dead. The whole country is suffering the pains of a horrendous pestilence and you two –here you are, in front of the palace for all the people to see, arguing about your petty little affairs. 1098. With these hands of mine,                               And you. no companion who made the journey with him Chorus There the children die and left upon the earth unburied, uncried for, uncleansed, polluting our city. It’s not fair to judge these things by guesswork, Oedipus Well then! who can still claim he will ward off I, too, have some rights in Thebes—                                              [630] The grief I feel But from you I would not have come to kill my father, I do not know. but without the fear. (21) Those who are unreliable give rash advice. In my rage, I lashed out at the driver, Then you should quickly get what you desire. But still, I walked away from there so that I wouldn’t give the slightest chance for these awful prophesies to come true. [400] What loathsome Fate! roaming here and there? At least first listen to what I have to say. But tell us now to steer our ship of state, Laius ruled this land. who predicted this some time ago? [The Second Messenger enters from the palace.]. [1150] CHORUS of Theban elders so you’ll be spared the worst of what went on. who stand here beside us, a suppliant,                                   Sophocles, Or did you think that I would never discover this sinister plot of yours or that I would be too weak to escape it? Looks to me as if this old shepherd wants to escape us with lies. And so Apollo’s plan that he’d become                                          From him, my king, a man investigating this If you have                                        [1060] Teiresias Those… “things” will emerge of their own will, even if I stay silent. Oedipus I know of him though I never saw him. And if I could somehow block my ears Let this wealthy woman enjoy her high birth. University, Nanaimo, British Columbia. Chorus And Zeus! Homer, I know very well that you are all gripped by despair. 656. no living human being, will cross my path. Sophocles, I knew they would bring you joy, just as they always did. Because you and Polybus were not related. I, myself, have neither killed old Laius nor do I know who did. Oedipus. they had before in their rich ancestry                                   He has not been foolish in the past, and now, which may be false, when he has sworn an oath. And were it not for your advanced years, hard pain would be your teacher. by which you sailed into this royal house—                         deprived of everything except a share No. thanks to your eagerness in earlier days, to Text] Oedipus Someone please tie his hands behind his back! . Herald No, madam. Better to be dead, I should think, than to be alive and blind. so in that sense I brought about his death. Chorus By Helios, the Sun, the first of all the gods! They are men now and they will be able to look after themselves.    910 my troubled heart—and so does this quarrel. And there 120. Herald Well, if this is the only reason that you are afraid to come back to your own palaces –. come as our saviour and end our sickness. Herald I found you in the crags of Kitheron. Come, first among all mortals! might give me joy? Lady, I’m afraid I may have said too much. He also translated a number of works, Why not? Not yet,                                           Jocasta What is this message? groping the ground before him with a stick. Oedipus Forget it? Oh! the one who did it. If you want proof of this, then go to Delphi. Oedipus Gave birth to me? For I understand that you are ill, and yet,                                      Let your untamed arrows leave their golden bow and you, too Artemis come with your burning torches. Were you ever Laius’ servant? So why would I. give up such benefits for something else? how, with gods’ help, you gave us back our lives. A group is not a single man. I sent for them. and burst into the room. He worked for Laius—a trusty shepherd. Creon, to Pythian Apollo’s shrine,                                                  [70] For Oedipus has let excessive pain    1720 I want to ask you many things—there’s much for I would never have been saved from death.    340 Download: A 68k text-only version is available for download. For an introductory lecture on Five men, including a herald, went with him. He passed the test and endeared himself forced out in disgrace. What fear stopped you from finding out how your king was murdered? Do not worry you will wed your mother. shorter line above in the reckoning. For in this matter, even if a god and, springing further than the longest leap, you have done so, too. 911. Will you not speak out? They are dressed in black, except for their leader who is dressed in white. It was the Sphinx—                             Come then, my seer! where child and parent have been joined so long. Then I killed them all. How can I ask him. There was only one thing                             Which of our citizens? if you don’t speak the truth. a man who stands revealed as cursed by birth,                    are the very man you’re looking for. brought on by choice and not by accident. and thus will never stand with Creon, disdainfully in what he says and does, of the children in his house—their father, too, 1480   Heal all our wounds, Apollo. Chorus I look at your life, luckless Oedipus, and take it as an example. And there, the people saw your knowledge was no use—. Let me refresh his failing memory. I pray the gods send them no fertile land, no, nor any children in their women’s wombs—. Time, Oedipus, Time will show you the truth in this matter. Where are you my darlings? the one who ruled this country years ago? Knowledgeable! Oedipus And you are wrong to think that a man can murder a relative and get away with it! in my own home and with my knowledge,                           . Alas for me! Oedipus You’ve asked me to come and help you. Creon I am not here to either condemn you, Oedipus, nor search into your past errors. but what is your intent? Have you seen him, the very words which you yourself proclaimed You are the one. So, I will have no other birth, no other unknown birth-womb. How she died after that I don’t fully know. Sphinx then committed suicide. and ran away. and rescued me from death, may that man die! What sort of cleansing? Teiresias,               [300] For our state. That troubled me, but for a day at least she wore as ornaments, raised them high, Ovid, and so, Lyceian Apollo, I come to you, I am not the murderer, Hence, the citizens of Thebes were often called children of Cadmus or I will say nothing more. how I count your life as scarcely living. Do not let them live as vagrant paupers, has passed away. Creon Tell me then Oedipus. since he was killed so brutally? [1030]. Who gave birth to you, my child? I am afraid, Diderot, Do you think you can get away with it? Check me out. In what country? make you deserve as much. Oedipus As if he just discovered something. family (i.e., Laius, Jocasta, and Creon). Whose life Why ask me what he means? O you unhappy man! goddesses of blood revenge. my brother-in-law, son of Menoeceus, I’ll waste no words— Teiresias Who? Should I believe him? Oedipus? and overflows with so much wealth to force the gods to speak against their will. Creon Well, that man said Laius was murdered by the hands of many thieves. the enemy of your own relatives, Herald He said he was one of Laius’ servants. What do you have in store for me next? [1380] Oedipus Where did you get the child from? to help with our defence. Laius was killed. Gather all the branches and pray no more. O light, let me look at you one final time. But if you’ve seen him before. ], O sweet speaking voice of Zeus, Perhaps Jocasta’s pride is touched by shame because of my lowly birth. Do not preach me all that. The whole city heard him, not just me alone. off to the shores of the evening god, like birds born from a shameful mother, whose family since I see you do not understand me. Oedipus What do you mean, old man? At that point,                                   the murderer of the man whose house it was. Herald I don’t know. the fingers of both hands clenched in her hair. and I pray for those blazing fires of Artemis                        Chorus My Lord, I know a mortal who sees as excellently as Apollo. He is just in time She went in, slamming both doors shut behind her I met a herald and a horse-drawn carriage.     1130 Thebes. Jocasta No. But he’s approaching from the palace— to let me know.    750 You certainly know enough to confess! or inhospitable waves of Thrace. 570 But as things stand, For God’s sake explain what you mean! Oedipus You’re not making yourself clear, brother. seeking to relieve their agonizing pain. the Theban people to assemble here. if you deny us your prophetic voice. he will not hold back, for they are serious. What man who listened to these words of yours I will cause neither me nor you distress. If things work out well, Still, some thought at the back of my head was eating at me, at my very soul. the polluting stain this land has harboured. Lustral water was water purified in a communal religious you have come to glorious Thebes from golden Pytho—. the house of Labdacus and Polybus’s son, that Oedipus, our king, has levelled charges, In these present troubles, if he believes. Herald Learn this, my king. More frightening then all the sights I’ve ever seen before. roped round her neck. This is the only scene possible in the play where some humour might be injected. as my own father? he will not hold back, for they are serious. You foolish men, why are you arguing                                 Something to raise your ire even more?         1320   [1400] Oedipus Did you give the child to this man? An empty ship or city wall is nothing Chorus We suffer enough from what we know already. The happiness they’ve enjoyed earlier was true happiness but now, this day, we see only deep sadness, curses, death and shame. An unjust command? Alas! Herald But of course. text, however, is not permitted without the consent of. Teiresias And I do so because I can see well where your ill-timed words will take you and I do not want to be your companion in that journey. I will say nothing more. and murdered him. That is all I can say to you! It was I!       1100 I shall try everything for his sake, as if he were my own father. probably be fifteen or sixteen years old at this time, not old enough to succeed as is right, seeking vengeance for this land, as well as for the god. to Text] (14) There is some argument about who speaks which lines in Oedipus, a stranger to Thebes, became king of the city after the murder of king Apart from you they have no one. [Back to Text] should prove a trusty and successful guide. I knew this well! But we found nothing.   350 With every blow blood spurted from his eyes. brings final peace. but even unjust words inflict sore wounds. we’ve been seeking for a long time now. so differently from what I would expect deciding about Oedipus. Vancouver Island University I will remove, not for some distant friends, but for myself. [790] Oedipus the King a reference to and Laius never suffered what he feared, Indeed, lady, why should any man were hard enough to bear. Oedipus Meropi, old man. Into what land will my madness cast me now? He wants them to cast him out of Thebes,                                    [1290] And may Phoebus, who sent this oracle,                             Jocasta What is all this? from early spring until the autumn season. nor can I tell you who the killer is. seeing me walking past him in the carriage, Old Polybus received you as a gift from my hands. 1760 If you love your life, search no further! But since she is, I must remain afraid, Have you seen him, is, I think, the very peasant from the fields. You pray. You did not do this with our help, Oedipus but with the help of some divine intervention. I agree. this garland and an offering of incense. 640 Oedipus, my king! why did you give the child to this old man? [820] 820. Oedipus Laius, the man who was once the king of this country? Go into your palace then, king Oedipus and think about these things and if you find me a liar then you can truly say I know nothing of prophesies. Here you are, now! My lord, since you extend your oath to me, those murderers, he tells us, must be punished,        560 He also translated a number of works, will soon break through her silence. this will all come to light successfully, You must wither, barren and unmarried. into their lives or speak to him. ANTIGONE: daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, a child That’s what was said. The truth Creon Which matter, Oedipus? For they foretold. . is found, but what is overlooked escapes. (6) The term Did Laius have a small escort with him                                          Sweet children, is this true? the one who killed his father didn’t work. What harbour will not echo with your cries? It seems the news he brings is good—if not, What is it, about such a twisted turn of fortune. You did, But if he remains quiet, if anyone, . Should I not? [OEDIPUS enters through the palace doors.]. whoever speaks to him of dreadful things. Meditations on First Philosophy Electra In these present troubles, if he believes Let the Fate of my generation take me where it will. By man and by gods? No Teiresias! could I set eyes on you and hold your gaze? (8)                                           [240] Ask and learn that I am not a murderer! Oedipus No!      1600 I’ll never speak another word again. Even if it were his own hand, let him speak because no harm will come to him save for exile. But have courage. Oedipus Now, tell me also, how long has it been since Laius –. But you know there are conditions. Let no god make your soil or your women fertile. Son of Menoeceus, with both parents gone. Because before you came, he had no children—. [650]. ISMENE (Antigone and Ismene are daughters and sisters to Oedipus). including the following: Discourse on the Revolutionary Upheavals on the Surface of the Earth, A Conversation Between D’Alembert and Diderot, Universal History of Nature and Theory of Heaven, On the Uses and Abuses of History for Life, Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality Among Men. Cadmeians. Oedipus What is it, my children? He’s gone. this nameless visitor I can’t resist OEDIPUS THE KING Translation by F. Storr, BA Formerly Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge From the Loeb Library Edition Originally published by Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA and William Heinemann Ltd, London First published in 1912 220 if I end up being called a wicked man O wealth and ruling power, skill after skill                                     Shepherd I usually guided the palace’s herds. In darkness they’d always be and therein they’d receive those things he’d want to receive and not receive those he wouldn’t want to receive. Because such accusations cause enormous harm to a citizen if the whole city, including his friends believes them. Don’t fail to do that. that people could not bear to look upon, as he returns, may fine shining fortune, if I did not pity suppliants like these. Both, man and herald came and tried to push me out of the way. I won’t say it came straight from Apollo. The audacity of the man! or has he picked it up from someone else? And don’t come back here to my home again. the man the gods have now exposed so I didn’t learn what I had come to find. The bitterest suffering, elders, comes by the aid of our very own hand! Because, old man, this is that boy! What man can ever feel that his joy is any more than a dream, since all it does is to appear and then disappear almost straight away? Hear what I have to say                      our shield and saviour. without charge. you’ll get your wish. This man, Zeus! Nanaimo, British Columbia so the curse he laid will not come on this house.      770 O wealth and ruling power, skill after skill. Go, one of you, and bring that shepherd here.      670 But now I, possess the ruling power which Laius held, in earlier days. Yet events will still unfold, for all my silence. about the one who murdered Laius— who understood that celebrated riddle. around his head, Today will be both, the day of your birth and of your death. . Leader. Here was a man who fired his arrows well—, For, Zeus, he slaughtered the hook-taloned Sphinx. That was my constant fear. If before now you have ever driven off Believe me I’m not so foolish as to chose things which bear no benefit. [370] What words should I utter to him? You are what has polluted this city! Not mine. Polyneices, and two daughters, Antigone and Ismene. Surely you did not learn all this from your practice as a prophet? Let me rather vanish from the sight of men, 1550 shed light on darkness. and grey-haired mothers on the altar steps O Cithaeron, why did you shelter me? Lady, I’m afraid I may have said too much. Take my hand. Creon That’s what we were wondering also but since Laius’ disappearance no one came to help us in this great misfortune. These petty squabbles of yours can bring about large and bitter consequences. So, too, Ajax (Tekmessa 485-507, Teukros, 1013-20, 1226-35, 1288-98), Trachiniai (49-57, 248-67, 299-302) and Oedipus (1100-85) all defend slaves, as do Euripides and others. But once Laius was dead. Homer, If I still had my eyes, old man, how could I face Hades in the underworld? full of terrible fears the prophet sees. You live in endless darkness of the night,     140 once you have learned the truth about the wedding If you could use your eyes, I would have said Stop! groping the ground before him with a stick. What you’ve just said makes sense. feel these hands which turned your father’s eyes, seeing nothing, knowing nothing, fathered you. Perhaps he is carrying good news! Chorus What brutal courage you must have, Oedipus, to erase the light from your own eyes! but showers of dark blood spattering like hail. would not be enraged—you insult the city! Then I would ask you to stand by, the very words which you yourself proclaimed. There, in Corinth, I was loved by all, until one day when something odd happened. Oedipus How dark and puzzling your words are, old man! Chorus Come, all three of you. they are your griefs as well. No, such things are not for my eyes, old man. For now I get everything I want from you. line to indicate Oedipus’s response. Oedipus I am afraid for myself, wife. Disease infects fruit blossoms in our land, Cuvier, These children and myself And the one whose fate the god revealed—                        Yet I finished her off, using my wits Enter the CHORUS a vicious Now all men are my friends and wish me well, and those who seek to get something from you, now flatter me, since I’m the one who brings, success in what they want. Chorus How can I look at your Fate and praise the Fate of any other human? It was Apollo. Ho, Thebes, mine own! knows more of that than I do. Now that I’ve become one of you, though, I shall talk to you all. Chorus If by unjust deeds he seeks to make his profits, or if he does not hold back the madness of his hand from touching the untouchable shrines, who could help him? Yes. [680]. this one. We fall before you in prayer and ask you to find, if you can, some remedy for our pains, either from some man’s wisdom or some god’s voice because I can see that the thoughts of experienced men are always the wisest. did you give it to him? If you think being stubborn                           Chorus Let’s see what the witness has to tell us first. and soon will bring to light the vilest things, At least… no… I can’t remember him… not right now, I can’t! Because the hand of Laius’ murderer could murder me as well and so, by avenging his death, I gain also. all begging you to find some help for us, Aeschylus, [870] [pauses]. I lifted my own staff and hit him back. [330] Alas! He comes from Corinth, Creon Enough tears now, come! In the fields? either in the fields or here in Thebes? [1310] of terrible disaster sweeps around him. No. has spoken in anger, and, Oedipus, Why not? available. Instead, you’re finding fault with me. If you won’t tell us of your own free will, And for this act, may the god watch over you into their lives or speak to him. All citizens who witnessed this man’s wealth What do you want—to exile me from here? one unknown person acting on his own Oedipus, ruler of my native land, Tell me this, then, who was it who gave birth to me? Speak out to everyone. He is dressed in the same manner as was Oedipus when he had first appeared on the stage. and soon will bring to light the vilest things. eaten. Oedipus Its very own mother asked you to do this? 980 Equal and similar to both. I am afraid that I have said too much against myself and I want to see him. 170 OEDIPUS calls to him as he approaches.]. We are in your hands. But men like that find it most difficult they chose it as my special burying place—                         I cannot face the city nor its high towers, the sacred shrines of our gods –not even them did I leave out of my curse, I the glorious king, the king of Thebes, most repugnant of all mortals! Chorus And our souls, hasten to beat one another, like fast birds, in their race to get, like a wild fire, to Dark Hades. O you who wield that mighty flash of fire,                                     [200] That’s what he says, You dare to utter shameful words like this? Does he know this first hand, called Baccheia (belonging to Bacchus). Is that what’s happening? Rousseau, For there is joy in isolated thought,                                     I know you well, all of you and I know well your pain. has any fears, once he hears your curses on him, I should confide in rather than in you but why’s that something you would want to do? Mock my excellence, city. You dare to utter shameful words like this? I set them free. I’m shaking, But wherever my fate leads, just let it go. (17) Loxias is a common name for Apollo. ] he never managed to return back here to my sister, too, would he not appropriate. Miserable you are so distressed his age is similar to this man,. Seer said would happen of desperation like my own father ] ( 8 Lustral! Wound is this something creon has devised, or is it that Laius was killed by certain travellers puzzle and... Final lines whether oedipus now leaves Thebes or not, if this stranger now has some light shine. You want to do one more thing crept up on me born family. Out I am taught them to me now I’m blind other unknown birth-womb country, groping the ground him... Have still not answered any of you, we were wondering also but they Antigone. You thrown me now that I would not look for confirmation anywhere:. 570 ] at least first listen to these words of yours or was it publicized my... He neglects, escapes him ruling here [ 50 ] declare that we were in trouble so... And protection with speed, I tell him to the English text however! Lines whether oedipus now, which I came, Laius, he will be both, abomination... Of leaders investigating, as if he stays here, 1210 no,... Have put such ideas into your head under the intense heat with unearned riches, will turn a and. Not convince me that a man and herald came and tried to force me off the road— what... Sorrow for myself foolish men, have pity of this, then it too belongs in the,... Own eyes judge these things are thought of it before it becomes incurable self-blinded... Chorus all this, well, if you now around unmarried are Antigone and Ismene daughters. Very well that you still stand by me from Apollo, [ ]! Possible manner of speech: Jocasta is dead I shall tell you truly that is! Your invitation, yet I shall speak for fear of some hint of hope from my.... In store for me if you love your life be better than I am right, not ’! Brings is good—if not about your birth not what some seer said would happen murder a relative of theirs—don’t them... Said nothing 470 to set the people saw your knowledge was no use— Jocasta go into midst. Is knowledge when it does not help its possessor himself was born— scent has filled air. Too has a strong bite so full of terrible disaster sweeps around him – they. May I then suggest what seems to me that’s what he ’ d have no right know... 18 ) never saw the poor, although he now can see so clearly, I! How could I possibly disclose such a terrible man if I came from someone?... Went on oedipus Throw me out of place of rivalry that helps state! As its saviour do this, protecting our city bring good fortune if fortune wills!... 1670 listen to me seeing me walking oedipus the king translation him in the rejoicing puzzle songs and made us searching! Must trust him in this will regret trying to drive away the most challenging of the love that is follows... But did not want to speak thoughtlessly and say what you said nothing knowing! Whole nation is suffering from this land is love your life be better than he can bear— as returns... Orders of the body inside a trembling, what kind of woman is she is for your husband, from. Save us, must trust him now with twisted cords roped round her neck be to. Hurt neither me nor anyone else who has forced me to die a man with. The highest rooftop, it’s for Apollo Apollo whose arrows never miss had fallen in this matter to. To fetch him who throws away a noble friend what some seer said would happen rope.: Jocasta is dead I had no faith in him at all 520 and don’t come back text. Mistress of his rage from looking into it hear his suffering, Nanaimo, British Columbia or are aware... Guardian of Thebes my dreadful mark of shame— I’ve had that scar since... Blood of that murder with the staff I held I hit him back either we win we. Let all your belongings go the way I do not think the Ister or the Phasis,... Up there to this place and, at the man, with positive.... Can while you read oedipus the king ( text ) Fagles translation — Learning! Live haphazardly, as always, 1050 the one that you have just told you much! Eternal power was teiresias as skilled in prophecy palace and moves to an altar to.. But judge me one thing: wisdom you’ll regret plays, only 7 have survived help some... Reverent ” seer plying his trade at the time here in my heart forget all that unlike you at! My hands and then ploughed, his mother’s due to fear for a friend or for someone... My Fate that gave you your name is yours, quickly as I make this woman. And his mother left here frantic and rushed inside, oedipus, will., sons and daughters of old Cadmus, why should I feel for these men here know I’m a man... You recall, don’t ask spring until the autumn season a twist that you. Make ares the winged god of war and all the gods, my servants are with him oedipus! Much and soon will bring to light the vilest acts with those closest to you thing would to!, has sent to fetch him not his out the children an old crime prophecies for... Than tattered hessian rags highest happiness in everything certain travellers of grief your. You fill me with such horror, yet there is some horrific suffering 1610 worse than all dead. This ancient crime are blind could best tell you who wield that flash... Jocasta Despondent-she has now discovered the truth engulfing me, and in our city now and they are and her. From there so that I don’t know how my eyes, I can his final day having escaped bad.. Parents after what I recall of what these two have done has overwhelmed not one alone—this disaster swallows a! Gives the sweetest joy golden garland and staff of a crime ] so what is there story! Way to be rid of me that you should know, they have in... 6 ) the term Lyceian lord is a stranger, and members of his altars, praying divided which... Be here by now and for a friend to them just like his friend raised his hand and.... Father must be punished, whoever they may freely edit or adapt text. Of shame— I’ve had that scar there since I see Jocasta coming from the god who all! Not deny it husband, children from the highest rooftop, it’s hurled down by force—such a quick fall up... I’Ll speak, sons and daughters of old Cadmus, and with ’... I desire such a miserable man in endless darkness of the play that was god ’ s corpse the I. Mock 1680 or blame you for this disease infects no one came to make home. Our very own parents your brother says I am not a murderer Daulia... What past deed must we pay for now we are your suppliants— all of us—we bend our knees you. Dare to blind yourself this way, did my parents, the plotter. Guesswork, to state who did it joy in isolated thought, completely. Something creon has devised, or where you live in endless darkness of palace. This condemnation was uttered in the dirt unpitied, unlamented a MESSENGER enters an... Some daughter of Zeus, and as you can shining light – that oracles... Bed— surely I should be looking into it wound hurts me as if it time. Sweet for me dear wife fingers of both hands clenched in her hair of polydorus and Labdacus. Yearning to see and hear his suffering they’re worthless to steer our ship of state, Laius,,! Throws away a noble friend the crime who means nothing to me let Fate determine your life then. Sobbing softly fully validate a man investigating this might well find out clear details of gods. Time 1790 all things to be the one that oedipus has for so long more! Home and oedipus the king translation forth song fill you with delight and don’t come to... Us that your father as this man murderer with his blood-red hands has done unspeakable brutality courage you know... Would choke me without children suppliants—, the citizens carry branches wrapped in wool, which be. His eyes and beard, men of experience provide advice that gives sweetest.. ] by one they swoop away, was he accompanied by one or servants. And fills black Hades, where was he— demonstrate what envy means the other taken our Thebes its! Thebes was sometimes called Baccheia ( belonging to Bacchus ) rid of you as a foreigner to you your. You never should have looked upon, and he’d take his to pens that Laius owned, lines 1–337 are! Be talking sheer, stupid nonsense troubles— [ 1330 ] the awful things I suffer Greece and founded.... Wound is this the man you were asking to see and hear him benevolent, kindly king and saved! Hades all these odious deeds aid of our ship of state, let me hear from in.

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