Summary / Observations: Tasks: Built Nearest Neighbor models with different input features and setting distance Metric Gained intuition for different notions of similarity and practice finding similar documents. Retrieval practice is an effective tool to promote conceptual learning about science. retrieval practice, or no-stakes quizzes with complex materials that engage students in bringing what they know to mind. McDaniel et al. The Interference theory is a theory regarding human memory.Interference occurs in learning.It is the notion that memories encoded in long-term memory (LTM) are forgotten, and cannot be retrieved into short-term memory (STM). The advantage of retrieval practice occurred even when the criterial test involved creating concept maps. (2011) Roediger et al. ).For example, reading a text about George Washington, with no further action, is a passive review. Also known as the testing effect, retrieval practice uses testing as a training tactic. In “To Learn, Retrieve,” the authors describe retrieval practice research in authentic classrooms. (2011) Active recall is a principle of efficient learning, which claims the need to actively stimulate memory during the learning process. If retrieval practice is such a potent learning strategy, one would hope that many learners would practice retrieval to learn many different things in many situations. This is because of either memory interfering, or hampering, one another. Journal of Experimental Psychology : Learning, * … "Expanding Retrieval Practice Promotes Short-Term Retention, but Equally Spaced Retrieval Enhances Long-Term Retention". It contrasts with passive review, in which the learning material is processed passively (e.g. Although fact quizzes were beneficial for fact learning, they did not facilitate higher order learning, contrary to popular intuition based on Bloom’s taxonomy. Our findings support the theory that retrieval practice enhances learning by retrieval-specific mechanisms rather than by elaborative study processes. In our FREE Retrieval Practice Guide PDF, learn about a research-based strategy called retrieval practice, why it's a powerful tool for teaching, and how to harness it in your classroom. Performance can be improved by devoting some of the learning period to testing by trying to recall the to-be-learned information. Experiments in a K-12 school district demonstrated that retrieval practice raised students' grades from a C+ to an A-, with benefits lasting for an entire school year. Retrieval-induced forgetting (RIF) is a memory phenomenon where remembering causes forgetting of other information in memory. There is an immense number of encoded memories within the storage of LTM. Retrieval practice. Information retrieval (IR) is the activity of obtaining information system resources that are relevant to an information need from a collection of those resources. For a quick rundown on what retrieval practice is and why it's powerful, check out this article. Searches can be based on full-text or other content-based indexing. Explored the trade-offs with representing documents using raw word counts and TF-IDF Explored the behavior of different distance metrics by looking at the Wikipedia pages most … by reading, watching, etc.